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Serving Houston Texas and Surrounding Counties
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Michael O'Connor
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Welcome to O'Connor Pest Control

O'Connor Pest Control began in 1990 and continues today on three principals:

Service: First and always, we are a service company. We know that our business is to serve our customers. Day or night, weekday or weekend, your pest problem is our priority.

Quality: We will only perform quality work and we only want customers who understand quality. Our work will create value for our clients. Our value to you is superior service at a reasonable price. You may find a lower price but never a better value.

Commitment: We are committed to our customers and will constantly work toward meeting their needs and expectations. And your guarantee of our commitment is simple: Our name is on everything we do.

  • "No Contract" Service - Contracts are available to Commercial clients but are never required for residential services. We will note your preferences for service and will send you a reminder card, but you decide when and if to call us. It is your decision each time we provide a service to you.

"Because we don't let just anyone into our home either"




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