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Residential Pest Control

Residential - We proudly offer the following services for our residential customers:

  • Pest Control - We offer traditional and low impact pest control services. We use only Pyrethrum,, a chrysanthemum - based insecticide, which eliminates the need for emptying cabinets and drawers. Each visit includes treatment and inspection of the home's interior and exterior perimeter and treatment of fire ants in the yard.

    Starting at $85 plus tax

  • Termite Control - We only use Termidor since 2000. We will inspect your home for evidence of termites each time we treat your home for ants, and can treat the entire home or only that portion that shows evidence of termite activity.

    Spot treatments starting at $125 plus tax, full treatments by bid

  • Rodent Control - Those noises in your attic are rodents! We can bait or trap, depending on the rodent present, and where the rodent activity exists (in the house, attic, or garage).

    Starting at $125 plus tax

  • Animal Trapping - Maybe that noise is a larger animal. We live - trap and , when permissible by law, animals trapped are released back into the wild at a suitable location. We can also help you to repair your home so the animal / rodent cannot re-enter.

    Starting at $150 plus tax

  • Bee and Wasp Control - We can power spray to eliminate wasps in your eaves and can remove beehives from your trees on inside your home.

    Starting at $85 plus tax

  • Mosquito Control - We can install and maintain Mist-Away mosquito misting systems to keep you comfortable outdoors all summer long.

    Starting at $85 plus tax

  • Power Misting System - Available to keep mosquitos away from your yard for up to 20 days


"Because we don't let just anyone into our home either"


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